Lipstick Organizer Clear Acrylic Makeup Cosmetic Box

This lipstick organizer can storage your makeup items, lipsticks, jewelry, and more. We well design this organizer divided into 24 slots and 12 slots for storage small cosmetics and make it convenient and easy taking. Transparent and clear acrylic material allows we to see the contents in this cosmetic box clearly. The 12 slots lipstick organizer in fine and soft rose gold to accommodate the precious lipsticks or jewelry items. Available in any decor, and smooth corners.

The organizer is made of gorgeous high quality acrylic with the perfect rose gold skin or gold skin. We also guarantee that sturdiness and long lasting durability. It’s a hand-made organiser with exquisite precision to ensure superior quality. Texture metallic color, flat plating, and lipstick storage box.

Consequently, beautiful design with multiple compartments for most of lipsticks. This organizer will hold and organize products such as lipsticks, cream blush, foundation stick and many more.

Testing lipstick organizer

Most of all, It’s not only a lipstick organizer, but also a small perfume storage. Especially, we can change the grid size according to what you want. Clear design and easy access. Multipurpose utility storage case, perfect to store lipsticks, small bottle of perfume or balsam, jewelry, small cosmetics, stationary, and other tiny stuffs. 


Beautiful and elegant lipstick organizer that has open style storage box accommodates diverse products. Ideal for organizing and storing your makeup and cosmetics. Stylish, elegant & simply stunning!

The acrylic lipstick organizer is a real life saver. This holder stand is composed of a very strong and crystal clear acrylic material with excellent weather resistant and much stronger than glass, which ensures its durability and security from injury and breakage.

Suitable for home, bathroom, shops and other space use. Stop rummaging through your room vanity for your favorite lipsticks, keep them all in one place.