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Acrylic Clear Makeup Display Storage Box- AAC121

The drawer organizer is clean and transparent 100% pure acrylic material that durable and long lasting with clear color. The handmade box with integrated  projection handle and easy to use without scratching. We using the top grade quality acrylic material touch comfortable and smooth. Because with the finest acrylic panel, no strange smell. Compare to general drawer organizers it has a large capacity. Wide drawer can accommodate A4 size makeup products. One feature is left and right have two appropriately space can place a larger of skin care products for makeup; another is smooth corners that after many special meticulously polished, safe not to hurt the hand. Especially, we also have a sweet design that the non-slip mats on each floor to stable the storage box. The cover connect with the transparent adapter clip.

Furthermore for different heights of small objects with a series of five kinds of drawers, it is easy to use double. Desktop cosmetics storage box with large-capacity space, internal separation and products at a quick glance.

drawer organizer storage

Hence, this makeup organizer has plenty of room to store and organize the entire cosmetic collection. The material is exceptionally clear and durable acrylic to blend into any decor just like your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, etc. The easy-to-frills design makes it easy to integrate into various spaces. Due to the drawer organizer is high-bearing construction, so it’s for easy clean-up.

Acrylic Clear Makeup Display Storage Box- AAC121-2

Finally, this practical cosmetic drawer organizer maybe occupy little space in your dresser or counter but big enough to hold all of all cosmetics such as foundation, mascara, lipsticks, brushes, nail polishes, perfumes and more, while adding a decorative touch to your vanity or bathroom countertop.

Advantage about large capacity drawer organizer

  • Also have multi-drawers with this organizer
  • Compact size yet generous capacity
  • Perfect for organizing a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes, body washes and cleansers, etc.
  • Tough, strong light transmission and high temperature resistance
  • The dust-proof capping just like cosmetic’s home.