Rose Gold Acrylic Drawers Jewelry Organizer

This is rose gold organizer made from a clear and pure acrylic designed to hold lipsticks and any other cosmetic stuff. Here are 4 related products, they are 1, 2, 3 and 4 drawers. You can use it separately or combine […]

Rose Gold Jewelry Display Makeup Storage Box

This organizer have 3 laminates using to place precious earrings and necklaces. A simple and nice design that helps us to make it easy and convenient. Show off your fave necklaces, bracelets and more with this standing rose gold jewelry […]

Misunderstanding of Acrylic material

Acrylic sheet yellows easily? Acrylic sheet has a superior weather-ability property and does not become yellow easily. Unless it is made from used material , second hand material instead of pure acrylic sheet or clear monomers. The color of acrylic […]

TÜV Rheinland 2018

TÜV Rheinland 2018 Certificate Thanks for all customer being trust Astrid Display & decor we got TÜV Rheinland certificate each year, that give new customer more reference and confidence to know about our company in the begining.     Sustainability to […]

Start Amazon Sale Account Quickly

Are you interesting in amazon sale? Or you just activate your seller account and looking for products? This is the most popular makeup organizer on Amazon. And this is the products we can supply. Start Amazon Sale from 1 Carton You […]

Impressive customer with customized package

The best way to impress your customer and value products up is to have a customized package. And we can help you do achieve this goal simply and quickly. Let me introduce the most popular 3 tiers we provided. Basic […]