Rose Gold Acrylic Drawers Jewelry Organizer

This is rose gold organizer made from a clear and pure acrylic designed to hold lipsticks and any other cosmetic stuff. Here are 4 related products, they are 1, 2, 3 and 4 drawers. You can use it separately or combine lots of them depends on your requirement. This case can easily collect the earrings, rings and other small jewelry accessories. It is also a great container for stationary, especially the little things. It’s not only a container, but also a great decoration on the desktop. Makeup small things, lipsticks, cotton swabs and make-up cotton can put in. A longer drawer can place a watch, or place your favorite jewelry in a small drawer.

The drawer curved handle design, easy to pull, and have a good grip and easy to take, save time and effort. Each bottom overlaps with the top surface and just snaps off without falling off. It is also elegant from the back, which can block the sundries and make the desktop cleaner and tidy. They have a variety of functions: Like it can be placed on home objects and jewelry or stationery storage in your room; put makeup little things on the dressing table. It is also a good choice to place the paperclips small tool on your desk that make you more clear and easy to find them. Every drawer brings you a different surprise.

Rose Gold Durable Acrylic

The acrylic material is bright and durable for cleaning. Exclusive gold stencil technology upgrades texture.It can stack storage, more small things can be classified and put well. Sturdy acrylic allows you to lay your dream of beauty, and collect your colorful. The simple and stylish style of the drawers and the transparent design at a glance that are match with romantic and beautiful rose gold skin.

The free stacking in drawers is like the freedom of life.