Impressive customer with customized package

The best way to impress your customer and value products up is to have a customized package. And we can help you do achieve this goal simply and quickly. Let me introduce the most popular 3 tiers we provided.

Basic Carton Package

impressive customize package

It’s the basic product package for all our product, clean white or brown carton box. It is closed with tape and looks a little crude. But it has no restriction for the quantity and provide full protection for the product. This is very important during global shipping.

We would recommend you to have branding stickers on it. In order to test your new idea or new market. There is alway some new product of low quantity. It’s a great way to brand while the quantity didn’t reach the requirement of retail box.

By the way, we can still print on this carton box if need.


Retail Color Box

This box needs at least around 600 pieces to start with. It looks much better then the previous one if you have some great design on it. The retail box usually provide a more elegant way to open it, like flipping lid instead of tape. We have many different type of retail box for choice.

We strongly suggest to have retail color if you want to develop your own brand. Beside your online store, the package connect your store and customers. It represent the shopping experience especially for the e-commerce.

retail color box