Rose Gold Home Decor By Astrid

Eye-Catching rose gold home decor by Astrid! We want to introduce jewelry organizer which are hot sale to you.If you’re interesting in our rose gold home decor, welcome to place order or sample order on alibaba or Taiwan Trade.

We have several rose gold home decor organizer series,include..

Rose Gold Accessory Display

triangle bottom jewelry display (link) and Hexagon jewelry display (link)

rose gold home decor IGJ211SR-G5 rose gold home decor IGJ213SR-G6

Show your product on these shining rose gold home decor accessory display.Both of two items are mirror bottom and rose gold metal design. Though they have to self assemble, you don’t need to spend too much time on it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Place: vanity, salon, bedroom, dressers, display, shelf and other place.
  • Usage: rose gold home decor/ gift/ exchange gift/  lipstick/ jewelry/ cosmetic/ watch/ bracelet/ perfume/  necklace/ earrings/ rings etc.


Diamond Shaped Glass Organizer

metal diamond glass case (link) and large diamond shaped glass box (link)

rose gold home decor Small Diamond organizer IGJ109R rose gold home decor Large Diamond organizer IGJ109R

Both of two are special diamond shaped and made by glass. Put plants or small things in these item! They are suitable for garden, coffee shop and other place. Wonderful home decor organizer and excellent goods!


  • Material: glass
  • Diamond Shaped and Rose Gold Line
  • Place: restaurant/ garden/ vanity/ salon/ bedroom/ dressers etc.
  • Usage: gift/ lipstick/ cosmetic/ bracelet/ perfume/ jewelry/ necklace/ earrings/ and rings etc.


Rose Gold Home Decor Sundries Box

3 mini stacked box (link) and Hanging Stackable Organizer (link) (With base)

rose gold home decor Acrylic Stackable Organizer-AAZ021R rose gold home decor Multifunction Hanging Acrylic Stackable Organizer-AAZ025R

These drawers are free to change sequence. 4 drawers stackable organizer has a metal base.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Each drawer is independent, and you can change drawers easily.
  • Place: home/ restaurant/ vanity/ salon/ bedroom/ dressers/ display/ shelf and other place.
  • Usage: cotton product/ rose gold home decor / jewelry/ necklace/ earrings/ and rings etc.


Acrylic Perfume Display organizer

3 Layers Perfume Stand (link) (without perfume)

rose gold home decor Perfume display stand orgnizer-AAC131SR

Beautiful, gentle and simple display organizer for your shop. This product is suitable for perfume and cosmetic. Display your goods with Perfume stand!


  • Rose gold hair-line outfit
  • Place: home/ shop/ restaurant /vanity/ salon/ bedroom/ dressers/ display/ shelf and other place.
  • Usage: perfume/ rose gold home decor/ gift/ exchange gift/ jewelry/ cosmetic/ accessories etc.