Makeup Organizer Diamond Pattern Transparent Acrylic

Convenient and multi-function makeup organizer with elegant diamond pattern that are cosmetic display organiser. This case not only the makeup deluxe brush holder, but nail polish box. No matter what we want to place: Eyebrow pencil, cosmetic brush, eyelash curler, lipstick, etc. Keep every modern people’s benchtop tidy with our makeup brush organizer.

Gorgeous diamond pattern allows multi-dimensional acrylic storage organizer to enhance the unique style of the whole product. Features multi-compartments a one of a kind textured diamond pattern in two sides, it holds up to makeup brushes, other makeup products or even jewelry collections and more. Furthermore glamour makeup organiser with high cylinder design can place brushes, stationery and cutlery that fits on any decor, perfect for vanity desks, bathroom, bedroom, store and other space. This is the most fashionable and practical multi-storage organizer.

Premium acrylic diamond pattern makeup organizer

The material is made of durable and on top of that solid construction and scratch resistant top grade acrylic, crystal bright and clear transparent. In addition to professional stable design this organizer help to display separately. Acrylic storage box will improve your brand. In recent day, it’s top selling acrylic makeup organizer with excellent quality diamond pattern. Acrylic lipstick organizer is recyclable, and eco-friendly.

Easy clean, clear storage organizer case matches any decor. Sturdy makeup storage lets we organize our makeup into compartments but still see where everything is. These clear cosmetics storage containers are a genius way to keep things neat and visible all at once. Cosmetic organizer is an indispensable gadget for most girls. It could help to organize messy makeup tools and keep bedroom tidy. Keeps beauty supplies compartmentalized so they’re easy to find and grab. Solid acrylic material ensures the quality. Besides, its cool diamond pattern greatly highlights the general style of this makeup organizer.