Kraft Corrugated Paper Board Custom Packaging Service

The good’s packaging are kraft paper and corrugated paper material. Compare to others, the waves in the middle of corrugated paper can be adjust, for example: small waves or big waves so that it can protect other packaged products from damage. Especially, they have a kind of layers to make you choose. More layers can load various weight.

We are engage in the manufacturing of corrugated packing boxes, which are highly durable corrugated boxes in basic styles and sizes to suit the different needs. Our range of corrugated boxes are ideal for industrial and storage needs. Combining functionality with strength, these are economical and are available in specific shapes and sizes. And there have some advantages that they are crack resistant, durable for a long time period paper box. This is a low-cost, multi-product product.

Custom design your own logo on the Custom Packaging

We have monochrome printing with two-color and several colors, or original color, they are also high-quality coated paper box. Therefore these packing boxes suitable for gift or decor, and more.

packing boxes       
In addition, we have a golden carton box. And different color patterns and text or written on the text symbol can print on the outside of corrugated paper box. Any contents as clients’ requests all can print. In order to show the brand new unopened, we also have a shrink film packaging for the products.

Finally, the foamed material that fills the void in the box we can also to adjust the product base on the size. And the shipping mark on the outside of the carton box can show the information you want. Among them, printing labels can affix on the outside boxes so scanning of the product will more quickly and conveniently.


  1. Attractive design
  2. Fine finish
  3. High strength

Usage for packaging, mailing, shipping, etc.

We design our packing gift box for customized.

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