Acrylic Rose Gold Lipstick Organizer

This acrylic rose gold lipstick organizer is specifically designed for the lipstick lover. The user can place their favorite lipstick in these beautiful case. It looks wonderful and everything is arranged. It can be place on desktop or in the drawer due to is cute size.

It’s default package is shrink film. It can promise the customer that they got completely new one.

To Customize

Here are some additional service we provide to value the products up.

  • Logo printing: single color recommend but available for multi color.
  • Retail box: including the manufacture and design.

Another Choice

This product has smaller 24 slots version, provided to the makeup addicts. You can find us more product video on our Youtube. Contact us or get some updated information on our social media, Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

重量 0.137 公斤
尺寸 11.7 × 9 × 3.3 公分